Braun Quill

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Braun Quill several sizes and models.

The Braun Quill is made of resilient plastic. The pen has all the advantages of a goose feather; it is light in weight, extremely flexible, never rusts and has a nice thick thin contrast.

Special is the round, mouth-shaped nib, which looks very different from the familiar chisel-shaped tip. Yet the same fonts are possible.

With low pressure, different widths of the region can be made. Curls and pen manipulations that are sometimes difficult with a steel pin, glided as if from the Quill pen.

A new pen must always be registered for some time..

All non-water-resistant inks, watercolor paints and gouache can be used with this pen. Water-resistant inks such as East Indian inks must be avoided. Cleaning the pen with water. Poured ink briefly soaks in a diluted solution of household amonia; rinse with clean water.