Tjanting luxe.

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Tjanting, for playful letters. In the funnel, mounted on top of the handle, pour a little ink or diluted paint and you are ready to write. Now also with double funnel for 2 lines.The tjanting is used in silk painting, another branch of sport. In silk painting, hot wax is poured into the casting, with which lines are drawn on the fabric, as a kind of cut film.Many calligraphers have a tjanting in the pen tray or hidden away in a drawer, not knowing what you can do with it. I found it a challenge to get started with this fun tool. I would like to share my knowledge with other calligraphers.

Just above the paper you let the ink or paint flow out of the tjanting. It is a practice, before it really succeeds to write letters. Keep your finger or prop kitchen paper ready to close the nozzle when necessary.You can write letters in a very free way. Of course, the result will be completely different from the letters that are written with a traditional calligraphy pen. The letters you write with the tjanting will always go hand in hand with spelling. Try writing a few lines, without really writing words on paper. Beautiful lines are created, between which you could later calligraphy. Writing an alphabet can also be done quickly.If you use a water-resistant ink or diluted acrylic paint, after drying you can write in layers over the work or give the paper a nice color. My results can be seen on the photos.Rinse the tjanting thoroughly after use with warm water. Especially when working with water-resistant inks / paint this is very important.
Have fun!

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